About the Cemex Design Academy

About the Cemex Design Academy

Who We Are

Cemex Design is an academy created to educate and foster our knowledge of design and animation with enthusiastic and curious minds who are ready to take their skills from non-existent or basic to proficient. Our students are guided by a team of professional designers, architects, researchers, writers and curators, all active within the academy as well as in the professional field.

It’s our desire at Cemex Academy that in months and years to come, we would produce acclaimed designers, visualization and animation experts running very successful businesses or working with a prestigious organization and inspiring people to go for their passion.

Our core values

  • We believe in creating a culture of re-inventing the future by supporting our students as they realize their full creative abilities
  • We believe in education and equality of opportunities for all

Our Aim

  • To prepare students for professional excellence in design, animation and visualization by providing the premier educational experience that enhances career focus and a global perspective.

Our Goal

To educate and empower students to limitless creative freedom

Terms and Condition


Payment in Full: Course fees are due in full before the start of the course

Payment by Installments: Alternatively, course fees can be paid in monthly installments; various payment methods are available and an admin fee is charged. Payments will begin on the 1st day of the month following enrollment (if you enroll after the 20th of any month, payments will begin one month later). Charges for any declined card payments or unpaid direct debits will be passed on to the student. Any change to your start date will not alter the payment schedule. You are still liable for the full course fee, if you withdraw from your course, fail to submit assignments or fail to attend.